2024 : 7 : 16
omid Jazayeri

omid Jazayeri

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Science
Phone: 011-35302450


Isotherm and kinetic of removing Cr (VI) with lelliottia amnigena isolated from Babolroud river
Lelliottia amnigena, Biosorption Cr (VI), FT-IR, SEM
Researchers Maryam Sadat Eghdami ، Mona Emdadi ، salman ahmady asbchin ، omid Jazayeri


Water is one of the main sources for human life.These days while population increase need of water increase too and industrial activities causes pollutant entry to the water sources that one of these pollutant is heavy metal specially Cr(VI). There are different methods for removing heavy metal that one of the cheapest and harmless is biosorption. In this study the ability of lelliotia amnigena that isolated from Babolroud river, Babolsar, Mazandaran had been measurement and used to remove Cr (VI) different parameters such as different concentration of Cr, check the active and passive (live and dead) condition of bacteria, desorption agent, determining the type of isotherm, the different method of bacterial dying, kinetic, pH parameter, concentration of bacterial biomass, age of bacteria, temperature, shaker. SEM_EDX and FT-IR analyses for show the extra surface before and after remove metal of bacteria had been evaluated too. In addition, binary experiment with Cr and Cd, Cr and Pb, Cd and Pb and ternary experiment with Cr, Cd and Pb that the bacteria was not resistant to Cd and Pb had been done. For determine the name of this bacteria 16s RNA sequence assay had been done. Finally, the result of this research showed that lelliottia amnigena have high potential for biosorption of these metals singly and have high proper efficiency for binary and ternary of all these metals