2024 : 7 : 16
omid Jazayeri

omid Jazayeri

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Science
Phone: 011-35302450


Production of Biological Nanocomplex from Bovine Alpha-lactalbumin as a Carrier for Benzyl isothiocyanate Delivery
Nanocomplex; drug release; alpha lactalbumin; benzyl isothiocyanate; bioactive compound
Researchers Setareh Farahmand Araghi ، Maliheh Sadat Atri ، omid Jazayeri


Encapsulation of bioactive substances is a common approach used in the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries. Benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC) is one of isothiocyanates that has a benzene ring. Nanoparticles used as drug delivery systems can use a variety of materials including polymers. Proteins as natural polymers are under extensive research due to their potential use in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Milk proteins are widely used because of their various structural, functional properties, high nutritional value and their inherent role as carriers of small molecules in vivo. Alpha-lactalbumin (ALA) is the second most abundant milk whey protein. ALA contains a hydrophobic pocket that allows carrying of hydrophobic therapeutic agents. In this study, first the ALA-BITC nanocomplex was prepared by desolvation method and then the nanocomplex size and zeta potential were measured by a zetasizer and the release rate of BITC was determined by dialysis method. The results showed that the particle size and zeta potential of ALA-BITC complex were 265.7 nm and -39.2 mV, respectively. On the other hand, the release of BITC nanocomplex was greater than that of free BITC. This study could introduce ALA as a new carrier for BITC to increase its solubility and effectiveness.