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Ali Akbar Ashkarran

Ali Akbar Ashkarran

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Phone: 01135302485


  • PhD. in Nanoscience (Nanophysics) , Sharif University of Technology , Iran (2005 - 2009)
    Thesis title:


Research activities

Journal Papers
Shape Dependent Antibacterial Activity of Various Forms of ZnO Nanostructures Yaser Hasanzadeh, Habib Hamidinezhad, Ali Akbar Ashkarran (2021)
Fabrication of a gold nanocage/graphene nanoscale platform forelectrocatalytic detection of hydrazine Sahar Daemi, Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Ali Bahari, Shahram Ghasemi (2017)
Synthesis of Highly Crystalline Needle-Like Silicon Nanowires for Enhanced Field Emission Applications Habib Hamidinezhad, Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Zulkurnain Abdul-Malek (2017)
Destructive Effect of Solar Light on Morphology of Colloidal Silver Nanocubes Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Sahar Daemi, Maryam Derakhshi (2016)
Parametric investigation of CNT deposition on cement by CVD process F. Ghahrpour, Ali Bahari, Majid Abassi, Ali Akbar Ashkarran (2016)
Parametric investigation of CNT deposition on cement by CVD process F. Ghahrpour, Ali Bahari, Majied Abbasy, Ali Akbar Ashkarran (2016)
Determination of nanoparticles using UV-Vis spectra Shahed Behzadi, Forough Ghasemi, Masoumeh Ghalkhani, Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Seyyed Mostafa Akbari, Morteza Mahmoudi, Mohammad Reza Hormozi Nezhad, Fatemeh Atyabi, Rassoul Dinarvand, Somayyeh Mirsadeghi, Zahra Jamshidi, Sepide Pakpour (2015)
Enhanced visible light-induced hydrophilicity in sol–gel-derived Ag–TiO2 hybrid nanolayers Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Mahshid Ghavamipour, Habib Hamidinezhad, Hedayat Haddadi (2015)
TiO2 nanoparticles immobilized on carbon nanotubes for enhanced visible-light photo-induced activity Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Majid Fakhari, Habib Hamidinezhad, Hedayyat Haddadi, Mohammad Reza Nourani (2015)
Thermolysis preparation of ZnS nanoparticles from a nano-structure bithiazole zinc(II) coordination compound Akram Hosseinian, Hamid Reza Raimpour, Hedayat Haddadi, Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Ali Reza Mahjoub (2014)
Synthesis of a solar photo and bioactive CNT–TiO 2 nanocatalyst Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Majid Fakhari, Morteza Mahmoudi (2013)
TiO2 nanofibre-assisted photodecomposition of Rhodamine B from aqueous solutio Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Elahe Mahmoudi, Shahrooz Saviz (2013)
Graphene: Promises, Facts, Opportunities, and Challenges in Nanomedicine Hong Ying Mao, Sophie Laurent, Wei Chen, Omid Akhavan, Mohammad Imani, Morteza Mahmoudi, Ali Akbar Ashkarran (2013)
Controlling the Geometry of Silver Nanostructures for Biological Applications Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Saba Estakhri, Mohammad Reza Hormozi Nezhad, Sima Eshghi (2013)
Antibacterial properties of nanoparticles Mohammad J.Hajipour, Katharina M.Fromm, Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Dorleta Jimenez de Aberasturi, Idoia Ruiz de Larramendi, Morteza Mahmoudi, Wolfgang J.Parak, Vahid Serpooshan, Teofilo Rojo (2012)
Comparison of self-fields effects in two-stream electromagnetically pumped FEL with ion-channel guiding and axial magnetic field Shahrooz Saviz, Hassan Mehdian, Farzin M.Aghamir, Mohammad Ghorannevis, Ali Akbar Ashkarran (2011)
Visible light photo-and bioactivity of Ag/TiO 2 nanocomposite with various silver contents Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Seyed Mahyad Aghigh, Mona Kavianpour, Neda Jalali Farahani (2011)
Synthesis and Characterization of ZrO2 Nanoparticles by an Arc Discharge Method in Water Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Seyed Mahyad Aghigh, Seyedeh Arezoo Ahmadi Afshar, Mona Kavianpour, Mohammad Ghorannevis (2011)
Self-consistent and complete Field Theory of Relativistic Travelling Wave Tube Amplifier with plasma Loaded Tape Helix Shahrooz Saviz, Farzin M.Aghamir, Hassan Mehdian, Mohammad Ghorannevis, Ali Akbar Ashkarran (2011)
On the formation of TiO2 nanoparticles via submerged arc discharge technique: synthesis, characterization and photocatalytic properties Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Mona Kavianpour, Seyed Mahyad Aghigh, Seyedeh Arezoo Ahmadi Afshar, Shahrooz Saviz, Azam Iraji zad (2010)
Photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanoparticles prepared via submerged arc discharge method Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Azam Iraji zad, Seyed Mohammad Mahdavi, Mohammad Mahdi Ahadian (2010)
Conference Papers
Shape control synthesis of triangular silver nanostructures Ali Akbar Ashkarran, Maryam Derakhshi (2015)

Research interests

  • Nanoscience Nanomedicine Nanocatalysis Graphene Plasmonic