2024 : 6 : 13
Taghi Mohsenpour

Taghi Mohsenpour

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Science
Address: Department of Physics, Faculty of Basic Sciences,University of Mazandaran , Babolsar, Iran
Phone: 01135302480

Research activities

Journal Papers
Flying focus laser Wakefield scheme for efficient acceleration Alale Ghasemi, Saeed Mirzanejhad, Taghi Mohsenpour (2023)
Ion-acoustic solitons in negative ion plasma with relativistic degenerate electrons and positrons Taghi Mohsenpour, Hasan Ehsani Amri, Mojtaba Behzadipour (2021)
Effect of pre-plasma on the ion acceleration by intense ultra-short laser pulses Parvin Varmazyar, Saeed Mirzanejhad, Taghi Mohsenpour (2018)
Polarization influence on the backward Raman amplification through chirped pump laser pulse Zeinab Mahdian, Saeed Mirzanejhad, Taghi Mohsenpour, Meisam Taghipour (2017)
Wave mode instabilities in a two-stream free-electron laser with a background plasma Shabnam Nadrifard, behrouz Maraghechi, Taghi Mohsenpour (2013)