2024 : 6 : 14

Mohsen Alizadeh sani

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Phone: 09125951720


Identifying and explaining factors affecting the maintenance of the human resources of the Organization: a case study of the ministry of Justice and prison reformation
Maintenance, human resources management, organization, case study, ministry of Justice
Researchers Aqeel Al Sukaini(Student)، Mohsen Alizadeh sani(Advisor)، Mohammad Safari(PrimaryAdvisor)


Today's world is a world of organizations and the main operators of this organization are humans. They are the ones who give life to the bodies of organizations and provide the achievement of goals. Without people, the organization is meaningless. The growth and development of organizations and subsequently a society and a country depending on the correct use of human power with the emergence of computers and new technologies that will take the place of humans in organizations today and make the role of humans less important. Undoubtedly, this will not happen because only the type of human activity changes, so more attention should be paid to the preservation of human resources. Human resource management is focused on policies, measures and systems that influence the behavior, thinking and performance of employees. The meaning of maintaining and maintaining employees in the organization is not only its physical aspect, but the active presence and movement of the organization's employees within it and their coordination and alignment with the organization's policies and strategies, and in a way, their involvement with work and jobs and issues related to It is. In other words, keeping the employees of organizations has wider dimensions than connecting people with the rights and benefits received or providing health and safety in the work environment. In addition, it should not be thought that the expectations of employees from their organizations are the same everywhere and in every work environment, and these expectations can be easily recognized. When talking about employee retention in an organization, it is necessary to take into consideration The system of maintenance and preservation of human barriers includes several dimensions, such as individual factors, including self-control beliefs, accountability, and... internal organizational factors, organizational climate, leadership style, meritocracy, and... external organizational factors. Laws and regulations, political spaces, etc., environmental factors such as the labor market, and job security, and sustainability is discussed both in terms of physical presence and active presence of employees. The key role of human resources has caused fierce competition between organizations to attract competent personnel, therefore, the human resources management of every organization must systematically design the processes for maintaining these personnel. And in fact, they should be the strategic thinkers of the organization and examine the consequences and costs of losing employees with a macro view of the entry and exit of people. According to the above, the purpose of this research is to explain and identify the factors that have an effect on the maintenance of human resources according to the case study of the Ministry of Justice and Prison Reform in this research, factors such as individual factors, organizational factors, extra-organizational factors and environmental factors have been considered as effective factors.