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saeid tabesh

saeid tabesh

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Phone: 09131094129

Research activities

Journal Papers
A Systematic Review of Digital Leisure in Iran Seyed Arman Asadi, Farzam Farzan, saeid tabesh (2022)
Developing Iranian Sports Coaches’ Personal Brand leila mortezaee, Morteza Dousti, sayed mohammad hossein razavi, saeid tabesh (2022)
Affecting Factors on Development of Sports Participation in the Leisure Time of Veterans and Disabled in Iran hoda Arianfar, mina Mostahfezian, saeid tabesh, mahnaz Marvi Esfahani (2022)
Investigation and Prioritization of Factors Affecting Implementation of Student Sports Development Health Strategies Seyed omid Mahmoodi, sayed mohammad hossein razavi, Morteza Dousti, saeid tabesh (2020)
Provision of an Integrated Health, Safety, and Environment Management Model in Sports Facilities in Iran Javad Mamashli, Morteza Dousti, saeid tabesh, Farzam Farzan, Fatemeh Abdavi (2019)