February 8, 2023
Meysam shirkhodaie

Meysam shirkhodaie

Degree: Associate professor
Address: Department of Economics and Administrative Sciences, University of Mazandaran, Iran, Babolsar
Education: Ph.D in International marketing
Phone: 09125225939
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


Title The Power of Creative Advertising and Consumers' Perceived Risk
Type Article
creative advertising, ad credibility, attitude, perceived product risk
Journal Journal of Promotion Management
DOI 10.1080/10496491.2014.946209
Researchers Meysam shirkhodaie (First researcher) , SAEED REZAEE (Second researcher)


Despite the growing importance of creative advertising as an effective marketing tool, little is known about the process through which it influences preexisting attitudes for familiar brands and factors that moderate its effectiveness. To fill this gap, A 2 advertising type (creative vs. normal) by 2 product category (high risk vs. low risk) experiment was conducted. Four creative ads and four normal ads were developed for some familiar brands and were exhibited for participants. Results indicate that creative ads significantly lead to more favorable ad credibility, ad attitude, brand attitude, and purchase intention than normal ads. Perceived product risk was found to moderate the effectiveness of creative ads.