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habibollah naderi

habibollah naderi

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Address: university of mazandaran
Phone: 35302632


Predicting female students’ social anxiety based on their personality traits
Personality traits, Social anxiety, Students
Journal Journal Of Fundamentals Of Mental Health
Researchers roya abbasi asl ، habibollah naderi ، abbas akbari


Introduction: One of the most important psychological issues reflected more in the social developments is social anxiety disorder. In this context, this paper aims at predicting social anxiety in female students studying in the University of Mazandaran, based on their personality traits. Materials and Methods: The population of this descriptive study consists of all female students in the University of Mazandaran in 2014-2015. The samples are 384 students selected by stratified random sampling. Collecting data of social anxiety, we used Watson and Friend's social anxiety scale (SAD, FNE), and personality inventory short form (NEO) to collect the data of personality traits. The data were analyzed by SPSS 22 and using Pearson's correlation and multiple regression. Results:The results showed that neuroticism was positive and significant predictor of social anxiety (β=0.50, P<0.000). Extroversion (β=-0.32, P<0.000) and agreeableness (β=-0.10, P<0.049) were negative and significant predictors of social anxiety. Openness and conscientiousness were not predictors of social anxiety. Conclusion: The results show that different personality traits can predict different aspects of social anxiety in students.