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Masoumeh Motamednia

Masoumeh Motamednia

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A new way to drawing the portray of Iran in long story “Sins by whom “by Daniil Mordovtsev”.(Новая линия в изображении Персии в повести Д.Л. Мордовцева «За чьи грехи?»)
Russian and Iranian culture, east, long story “sins by whom? “by Mordovtsev, training of harams woman, Customs and habits of the people of Russia and Iran.
Journal پژوهشنامه زبان و ادبيات روسي
Researchers Masoumeh Motamednia


Cross-cultural influence between Russian and Iran (Persia) prior to anything else have been related to the russian-iranian commercial and diplomatic writers and from the fifteenth century have left their direct impact on Russian literature. Shedding new light on orient (including Iran) is associated with pillars of romanticism in realism literature. Orient and oriented character with the rare features and brilliant beauty attract the romantic writers. This attractiveness becomes more widespread in the works of creators of Russian historical novels particularly in long story “sins by whom “. This work has integrated in it several conflicting objectives. Attempting to depict realistic image in the work with the evident tension towards melodrama is being inexorably. Entwined as a result of the evident tension towards melodrama is being inexorably entwined. (Love of Astnka and Iranian captive girl) .As the author skillfully leads the reader into the mysterious and unfamiliar oriented world, familiarizes them with the psychological aspect of women’s training in harem (Iranian girls character) and at the same time indirectly compared traditions and habits of the people of Russia and Iran with each other.