2024 : 7 : 23
Aboalhasan Hosseini

Aboalhasan Hosseini

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Address: Pasdaran Street,57416-13534, P.O.Box: 416, Babolsar, Iran
Phone: 01135302572


بررسی نقش اعتماد، حریم خصوصی، کیفیت خدمات و رضایت مشتری بر ارزش ویژه برند مبتنی بر مشتری
trust, privacy, service quality, customer satisfaction, customer-based brand equity
Researchers Hasanein Hasnawi(Student)، Aboalhasan Hosseini(Advisor)، Mohammad Safari(PrimaryAdvisor)


The key to business success is building and maintaining strong customer relationships. To ensure customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty, organizations must focus on service quality. Increasingly, comprehensive models of service quality have identified key antecedents of customer trust, including hierarchical, multidimensional models of service quality and other factors influencing customer loyalty. Understanding these prerequisites helps managers to improve the financial performance of organizations. Faced with competition from other companies, they must retain existing customers while attracting new customers. Improving service quality, and taking privacy into account enhances customer satisfaction, which ultimately affects customer trust, e.g. repurchase intention, word of mouth and recommendation to new customers. Privacy is an important issue that has become one of the criteria for customers to choose or reject a brand with the development of cyberspace. Privacy has been an important issue in the past, but with the development of the web and the spread of news, the misuse of customer privacy information with the purposes of Commercial and non-commercial and increasing public knowledge in this field, this issue has gained special importance. When organizations prioritize their employees and customers, customers' employees trust and become loyal to the organization, and their profitability increases and their success continues and this creates satisfaction, which shows the overall evaluation. The consumer is in terms of the overall experience of the product or service. The category of customer satisfaction expresses a new approach to quality in the economic institutions of organizations, as well as creating real customer-oriented management and culture. Since customers at different levels have different strategies based on their backgrounds. In addition, as the level of competition increases, the relationship between competition and trust and satisfaction becomes stronger. Also, the issue of brand value has been raised as one of the important issues for marketing managers. Based on this, the stated content indicates the importance of conducting this research to investigate the impact of the necessary components of any company that tries to maintain and satisfy customers, knowing things based on Brand equity is very useful. Therefore, this research examines the question of whether trust, privacy, service quality, and customer satisfaction affect customer-based brand equity.