2024 : 5 : 20
Mostafa Bastam

Mostafa Bastam

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Technology and Engineering
Phone: 35305114


A Method for Monitoring and Improving the Quality of Wash Water Using Internet of Things
Smart Water Quality Monitoring, Internet of Things, Remote Sensing, (IoT), PH sensor, Sensors, Turbidity, Internet of Things Sensor systems, Water quality monitoring
Researchers Atheir Almouhi(Student)، Mostafa Bastam(PrimaryAdvisor)، Ehsan Ataie(PrimaryAdvisor)


Water pollution has been one of the most significant concerns in recent years. Diseases connected to insufficient water and sanitation are documented more than two hundred million times annually, killing 5 to 10 million people worldwide. Contaminated water may cause several ailments for humans and animals, affecting the ecosystem's life cycle. If water pollution is detected early on, actionable actions may be taken to prevent dangerous situations. Therefore, water quality monitoring is essential to supply clean and healthy water. Conventional water control processes include a manual collection of samples from various parts of the distribution network and laboratory testing and analysis. This technique is time-consuming, expensive, lacks rapid results, and is thus inefficient. Therefore, intelligent solutions for monitoring water pollution are becoming more vital with developments in sensors, communications, and IoT technologies. The Arduino controller, configured to fulfil each system component's requirements, is coupled to several sensors in this design. The recommended system includes a core controller (ESP32), an IoT module, and many water quality parameter sensors (PH Sensor, Turbidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Salinity Sensor, UV Bulb).