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Mostafa Bastam

Mostafa Bastam

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Technology and Engineering
Phone: 35305114


  • PhD. in computer Engineering , Amirkabir University of Technology , Iran (2013 - 2018)
    Thesis title: Traffic engineering in data center networks based on SDN by the use of optimization techniques with parallel implementation


Research activities

Journal Papers
Investigation of Cloud Security and its Anti Attacks Algorithms Arshed Sultan Alkhafaje, Mostafa Bastam, Ehsan Ataie (2023)
Improving the quality of video streaming services via adaptive bit rate streaming Hussein Oudah Kadhim, Farhad Pakdaman, Mostafa Bastam (2023)
Designing and Implementation of a Cloud Based Vessel Monitoring Framework using IoT Alyaa Ghazi Fenjan, Heidar Almashhadi, Mostafa Bastam, Ehsan Ataie (2023)
Secure data gathering based on multi-agent approach in IoT based Smart Homes Ali Al-Marmadi, Mostafa Bastam, Ehsan Ataie (2023)
Health monitoring of covid-19 patients using IOT Nawfal Al-Hanon, Mostafa Bastam, Ehsan Ataie (2023)
Monitoring the level of environmental pollution in smart buildings using IoT Saja Kareem Abed, Montajab Ghanem, Ehsan Ataie, Mostafa Bastam (2023)
Evaluation of IDS by using the Machine Learning method Saif Abbas Ali Hussein, Montajab Ghanem, Ehsan Ataie, Mostafa Bastam (2023)
Anomaly Detection Scheme using Hybrid Deep Learning for anomaly Detection in SDN in Social Multimedia Mohammadali Hussein Adalimi, Montajab Ghanem, Ehsan Ataie, Mostafa Bastam (2023)

Research interests

  • Green Computing
  • Cloud Computing- Software Defined-Networks- Fog Computing
  • Software Eng.
  • Network Security
  • Computer Networks

Executive activities

  • Head of CERT center in Unversity of Mazandaran (1399 - present)
  • e (1392 - 1393)
  • Faculty Member of Mazandaran APA (1395 - present)
  • Manager of (1395 - 1398)
  • Manager of Information Technology Center (1391 - 1393)
  • Head of Computer and IT Engineering Groups (1389 - 1391)