2024 : 6 : 14
Shirin Abadikhah

Shirin Abadikhah

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Department of literature
Address: Department of English Language and Literature; Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; University of Mazandaran; Shahid Beheshti Street 47415 P.O Box 416; Babolsar; Iran.
Phone: 01135302673


The Effects of Immediate and Delayed Corrective Feedback on the Acquisition of English Subject-Verb Agreement by EFL Learners
Corrective Feedback (CF) Timing of Feedback S-V agreement
Journal Journal of English Language Teaching and Learning
Researchers Yalda Moslemi ، Shirin Abadikhah ، Baqer Yaqubi


The timing of corrective feedback (CF) provision has been a controversial issue in SLA research. Despite widespread research, there is still disagreement on whether the erroneous structures should be addressed immediately or at a delayed time after task completion. This study investigates the comparative effects of immediate and delayed feedback on developing subject-verb (s-v) agreement by Iranian EFL learners. To this end, 28 university students were divided into immediate (n=14) and delayed (n=14) CF groups after the administration of the Oxford Placement Test. The study involved a pre-test, three treatment sessions and a post-test. The two feedback groups received treatments followed by either immediate feedback provided after task completion or delayed feedback delivered after 3 days of task completion. The tests and treatments contained various activities including multiple-choice, cloze, fill-in-the-blanks and picture description task. The results of the analysis of test scores on the pre- and post-tests were indicative of the outperformance of the immediate CF group, implying that the immediate feedback may be more beneficial for developing s-v agreement accuracy than delayed feedback. The findings of this investigation can bear efficient implications for language teachers and researchers.