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Title Investigation and Prioritization of Factors Affecting Implementation of Student Sports Development Health Strategies
Type JournalPaper
Keywords Health facility size, Health physics, Health policy, Sustainable development, Youth sports.
Abstract Background & Aims of the Study: The present study investigates the factors affecting the implementation of health strategies for the development of student sports in public universities. This study aims to show how the necessary contexts and opportunities are provided for students to achieve a healthy, dynamic, vibrant, recreational, and competitive environment. Also, student sports participation, pleasure, and subsequent attractiveness prevent social deviations, abnormal behaviors, and unhealthy entertainment. Materials and Methods: The statistical sample of this study consisted of 19 former and current general managers of the General Department of Physical Education, experts, faculty members, and PhD students in the sports management of public universities with a significant role and sufficient experience in the field of sports activities and occupations. The collected data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, mean comparison test, and Friedman test. Results: The findings of the present study showed that out of 1 million public university students, less than 2% of the students participated in student sports. The importance of multiple educational centers in the field of physical education, large student population in different age ranges, highest coverage of university centers across the country, and largest budget excluding had made the position of student sports in the Directorate General of Physical Education in the domain of strengths and opportunities in the SWOT matrix. It means using the strengths to get the most out of opportunities. Conclusion: It is possible to highlight the health and well-being strategies for the development of student sports based on the analysis of the obtained results and provide them to the directors and officials of university sports.
Researchers saeid tabesh (Fourth Researcher), Morteza Dousti (Third Researcher), sayed mohammad hossein razavi (Second Researcher), Seyed omid Mahmoodi (First Researcher)