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Title Developing Iranian Sports Coaches’ Personal Brand
Type JournalPaper
Keywords Personal brand Sports coaches Development Personality Skill
Abstract The purpose of the present study was to design a model for developing the personal brand of Iranian sports coaches. The research population in the qualitative section was comprised of professors, experts, and experts in the field of sports marketing and branding along with the professional coaches of Iran. Moreover, the research sample of the quantitative section was made of 253 coaches, managers, athletes, fans, media, and economic and marketing activists, especially in the field of branding. In the qualitative section, article reviews and deep and semi-structured interviews were used for data collection. The findings of the qualitative section were compiled in the form of 78 concepts, 22 categories, and 6 dimensions, and indicated that personality, coach’s behavioral approach, communication, market approach, coach’s expertise, performance, and skill, and macro levels are the most important factors influencing the development of Iranian sports coaches’ personal brand. Therefore, coaches, managers, and sports marketers of Iran can rely on these factors and the model of this research to provide the necessary platform for the development of Iranian sports coaches’ personal brand and increase their income and credibility.
Researchers saeid tabesh (Fourth Researcher), sayed mohammad hossein razavi (Third Researcher), Morteza Dousti (Second Researcher), leila mortezaee (First Researcher)