January 31, 2023
Arezou Rashidi

Arezou Rashidi

Degree: Assistant professor
Address: University of Mazandaran
Education: Ph.D in Atomic and Monecular Physics (Laser Physics)
Phone: 011-35302401
Faculty: Faculty of Science


Arezou Rashidi was recognized as a top student (1st rank) during her B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. She was also a member of Office Talent of University of Tabriz from 2008 to 2018. Arezou finished her Ph.D. at the Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics, University of Tabriz, Iran on Sep. 2018. She also joined Nipissing University, Canada as a Visiting Ph.D. Research Student on March 2018-August 2018. Arezou finished one-year postdoctoral research at the University of Tabriz, Iran & Nipissing University, Canada on Dec 2019. Then the National Elite Foundation introduced her to the Supporting Researchers and Technologists foundation to benefit the facilities of Shahid Chamran Postdoctoral Fellowship Award. Winner of the Kazemi-Ashtiani award offered by the National Elite Foundation of Iran on Oct. 15


  • PhD. in Atomic and Molecular Physics (Laser) , University of Tabriz , Iran (2014 - 2018)
  • MSc. in Atomic and Molecular Physics-Laser Physics , University of Tabriz , Iran (2012 - 2014)
  • BSc. in Solid state physics and electronics , University of Tabriz , Iran (2008 - 2012)

Research interests

  • Photonic Crystals, Optical response of Graphene, Magneto-optics, Thermo-Optics, Nonlinear optics

Research activities

Journal articles
Shiva Rashidi, Arezou Rashidi, Samad Roshan Entezar (2023) Tunable NIR absorption in a Ge2Sb2Te5-based 1D asymmetric nonlinear hybrid nanostructure OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY: 157; 108664-108670
Pulimi Mahesh, Damodar Panigrahy, Arezou Rashidi, Chittaranjan Nayak (2023) A complete numerical analysis of the impact of disorder and defect cavities on achieving complete optical absorption in monolayer graphene with supporting random structures OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS: 55; 110-124
Arezou Rashidi, Megan Pulford, Ali Hatef (2022) Photo-thermal-induced response of VO2@Au@Au-seeds nanovesicle: A highly efficient NIR tunable nanoscatterer INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THERMAL SCIENCES: 176; 107527-107533
Shiva Rashidi, Samad Roshan Entezar, Arezou Rashidi (2021) Kerr-nonlinearity-assisted NIR nonreciprocal absorption in a VO2-based core–shell composite integrated with 1D nonlinear multilayers APPLIED OPTICS: 60; 8651-8658
Arezou Rashidi, Ali Hatef, Samad Roshan Entezar (2021) Thermally induced tuning of absorption in a Ge2Sb2Te5-based one-dimensional Fibonacci quasicrystal OPTICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGY: 137; 106831-106836
Arezou Rashidi, Chittaranjan Nayak, Claudionor Bezerra, Carlos Humberto Oliveira Costa, Felipe Pinheiro (2020) Tunable terahertz absorption in Si/SiO2-graphene multilayers: disorder and magneto-optical effects APPLIED OPTICS: 59; 11034-11040
Arezou Rashidi, Samad Roshan Entezar, Ali Hatef (2020) Tunable multispectral near-infrared absorption with a phase transition of VO2 nanoparticles hybridized with 1D photonic crystals NANOTECHNOLOGY: 31; 335701-7
Arezou Rashidi, Ali Hatef, Abdolrahman Namdar (2018) Modeling photothermal induced bistability in vanadium dioxide/1D photonic crystal composite nanostructures APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS: 113; 101103-5
Arezou Rashidi, Ali Hatef, Abdolrahman Namdar (2018) On the enhancement of light absorption in vanadium dioxide/1D photonic crystal composite nanostructures Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics: 51; 375102-07
Arezou Rashidi, Abdolrahman Namdar (2018) Optical response of graphene/1D double‑periodic quasi‑crystals in the terahertz region under magnetic and electric biases OPTICAL AND QUANTUM ELECTRONICS: 50; 1534-9
Arezou Rashidi, Abdolrahman Namdar, Ali Hatef (2018) Magnetic field induced enhanced absorption using a gated graphene/1D photonic crystal hybrid structure: Quantum regime OPTICAL MATERIALS: 83; 73-77
Arezou Rashidi, Abdolrahman Namdar (2018) Tunability of temperature-dependent absorption in a graphene-based hybrid nanostructure cavity EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B: 91; 68-74
Arezou Rashidi, Abdolrahman Namdar, Reza Abdi-Ghaleh (2017) Magnetically tunable enhanced absorption of circularly polarized light in graphene-based 1D photonic crystals APPLIED OPTICS: 56; 5914-5919
Arezou Rashidi, Abdolrahman Namdar, Reza Abdi-Ghaleh (2017) Absorption behavior in graphene-based one-dimensional photonic crystals containing a x-cut lithium niobate layer SUPERLATTICES AND MICROSTRUCTURES: 105; 74-80
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  • Advanced Laser
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical mechanics I
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical mechanics II
  • Physics 2 (electricity and magnetism )
  • Physics I (mechanics)
  • Physics Laboratory 1

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