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Zahra Mila Elmi

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Phone: 09112153929


Chapter book of "The Iranian Revolution at 30 Educational Attainment in Iran
Educational Attainment, female, Iran
Researchers Zahra Mila Elmi


Educational attainment has improved considerably in the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past three decades. During this period the improvement for women has been greater than for men. In recent years, women have gained access to education at different levels and in many fields. During the first decade after the revolution, Iran experienced a baby boom due to the suspension of family planning. Consequently, Iranian educational institutions were inundated by a wave of young people in need of training during the second decade after the revolution. In addition, because of parents’ support for their daughters’ education and the changing attitudes of women about themselves, more women sought an education. These circumstances led to a dramatic increase in the number and share of females who entered schools and universities. As a result, statistical differences between the number of male and female students have declined in the third decade of the Revolution. Since 1979, achievements of women in higher educational levels are improving, and the number of female students and graduates in different fields has increased noticeably in recent years.