2024 : 5 : 27
salman ahmady asbchin

salman ahmady asbchin

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Science
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Differential expression of Lead accumulation during two growing seasons by desert shrub Acacia victoriae L.
Lead; Phytoextraction; Phytostabilization; Soil pollution; Toxicity symptom
Journal Desert
Researchers khadijeh khermandar ، ali mahdavi ، salman ahmady asbchin


In desert reclamation strainer plants can be used for improvement and decrease pollution of soil and water. This technology can be used to remove both inorganic and organic contaminants in soil. In this study, one year old Acacia victoriae seedlings were exposed to Pb (NO3)2 in 5 different concentrations; 0, 50, 250, 500 and 1000 mg Pb L-1 for 45 days in two growing seasons. Subsequently, the heavy metal concentrations were measured in different plant tissues by Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) for two growing periods. In addition, some physiological and morphological parameters (root and plant length, root diameter, leave area, dry weight, chlorophyll a, b and total) were measured. Based on the results, the visible toxicity symptoms (chlorosis and necrosis) appeared only to the highest concentration (1000 mg Pb L−1) in both growing seasons. The results also showed that application highest concentration of Pb reduced the physiological and morphological parameters as compared to the control seedlings. The accumulation of Pb was influenced by the Pb concentration in the growth medium and the growing seasons as well. With respect to the more accumulation of Pb in the roots tissues than aboveground tissues, indicating A.victoriae as a good option for phytostabilization of Pb contaminated soils. Furthermore if A.victoriae is planted for Pb phytoextraction, therefore the harvest of aboveground should be done at the fall season. Meanwhile concentrations of Pb in the aboveground parts were more than roots at the fall season. In conclusion A.victoriae a native to the arid zone appeared to be hyper tolerate, accumulate high concentrations of Pb and it could be regarded as a potential accumulator. In addition A.victoriae have high application value in repairing Pb contaminated soils and is suitable and effective choice to be used as a tool of phytoremediation in industrial sites of the arid zones. Our findings suggest that A.victoriae has the advantages of high capacity fo