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mahmood yahyazadehfar

mahmood yahyazadehfar

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Phone: 01135284760


The relationship between dimensions of brand value and instant impulsive buying behavior of online store consumers: a case study of an online store in Iraq
Dimensions of brand value, instant buying behavior, consumers, online store
Researchers Mahmoud Alshowaili(Student)، Mohammad Safari(Advisor)، mahmood yahyazadehfar(PrimaryAdvisor)


Brand value is a set of assets and abilities that are related to the brand and that is nothing but the name and symbol that increases the value created by the goods or services for the company or the consumers of the companies. One of the topics of marketing and consumer behavior is consumer purchasing decisions and purchasing behavior. Successful marketing begins with understanding how and why consumers behave. Issue of impulse buying is an unpremeditated, inevitable and complex purchase behavior in which the speed of the purchase decision prevents any thinking, consideration and consideration of other options. Therefore, the ever-increasing trend of technological progress and its mutual effects on the competitive market make organizations more aware of the needs of their consumers and customers and adopt the necessary programs in the fields of consumer behavior. This research has studied the relationship between dimensions of brand value and the impulse buying behavior of online store consumers in Iraq. According to the existing objectives and assumptions, which is of the type of applied descriptive method, the sample number is 384 people. The results were analyzed with SPSS 21 software. The studies showed that there is a significant relationship between the dimensions of brand value and consumers' impulse buying behavior.