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Seyed Naser Azizi

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry
Phone: 09111144457

Research activities

Journal Papers
Determination of Erythromycin in Milk Samples by Nano Magnetite Hexadecylsilane by LC-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Abdollah Tavassoli, Seyed Naser Azizi, َAbdolraouf Samadi-Maybodi (2020)
NaY zeolite as a platform for preparation of Ag nanoparticles arrays in order to construction of H2O2 sensor Hamed Ramezani, Seyed Naser Azizi, Sayed Reza Hosseini-zavvarmahalleh (2017)
Nickel/P nanozeolite modified electrode: A new sensor for the detection of formaldehyde Seyed Naser Azizi, Shahram Ghasemi, Fatemeh Amiripour (2016)
A new modified electrode based on Ag-doped mesoporous SBA-16 nanoparticles as non-enzymatic sensor for hydrogen peroxide Seyed Naser Azizi, Shahram Ghasemi, َAbdolraouf Samadi-Maybodi, Mohammad Ranjbar-Azad (2015)
An electrode with Ni(II) loaded analcime zeolite catalyst for the electrooxidation of methanol Seyed Naser Azizi, Shahram Ghasemi, Neda Salek Gilani (2014)
Preparation of Ag/NaA zeolite modified carbon paste electrode as a DNA biosensor Seyed Naser Azizi, sara ranjbar, Jahan Bakhsh Raoof, Ezat Hamidi-Asl (2013)
Removal of Cd(II) from Aquatic System Using Oscillatoria sp. Biosorbent Seyed Naser Azizi, Abasalt Hosseinzadeh Colagar, Seyede Maryam Hafeziyan (2012)
Biosorption of Cobalt from Aqueous Solutions by Wet and Dried Biomass of Oscillatoria sp. Abasalt Hosseinzadeh Colagar, Seyed Naser Azizi, Seyede Maryam Hafeziyan (2011)