June 6, 2023

Alireza Khesali

Degree: Professor
Address: Department of Physics, Faculty of Basic Sciences,University of Mazandaran
Education: Ph.D in َAstrophysics
Phone: 35343085
Faculty: Faculty of Science


Title Structure of relativistic accretion disk with non-standard model
Type Article
ISM: Accretion disk · Relativity · Structure · Prandtl number
Researchers Alireza Khesali (First researcher) , khadejeh Salahshoor (Second researcher)


The structure of stationary, axisymmetric advection-dominated accretion disk (ADAF) around rotating black hole, using non-standard model, was examined. In this model, the transport efficiency of the angular momentum α was dependent on the magnetic Prandtl number α ∝ Pm . The full relativistic shear stress recently obtained by a new manner, was used. By considering black hole spin and Prandtl number instantaneously, the structure of ADAFs was changed in inner and outer region of the disk. It was discovered that the accretion flow was denser and hotter in the inner region, due to the black hole spin, and in the outer region, due to the presence of Prandtl parameter. Inasmuch as the rotation of the black hole affected the transport efficiency of angular momentum in parts of the disk very close to the even horizon, then in these regions, the viscosity depended on the rotation of black hole. Also, it was discovered that the effect of the black hole spin on the structure of the disk was related to the presence of Prandtl parameter.