June 10, 2023
Doost Ali Mojdeh

Doost Ali Mojdeh

Degree: Professor
Address: Department of Mathematics, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Mathematics (Graph Theory and Combinatorics)
Phone: 011-35302448
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematical Sciences


Title On the packing numbers in graphs
Type Article
Packing numbers, k-limited packing, upper bounds, graph.
Journal Australasian Journal of Combinatorics
DOI It does not have DOI.
Researchers Doost Ali Mojdeh (First researcher) , Babak Samadi (Second researcher) , Abdollah Khodkar (Third researcher) , Hamid Reza Golmohammadi (Fourth researcher)


In this paper, we find upper bounds on the open packing and k-limited packing numbers with emphasis on the cases k = 1 and k = 2. We solve the problem of characterizing all connected graphs on n vertices with ρo(G) = n/δ(G) which was raised in 2015 by Hamid and Saravanakumar. Also, by establishing a relationship between the k-limited packing number and double domination number we improve two upper bounds given by Chellali and Haynes in 2005.