March 30, 2023

Mohsen Alimohammady

Degree: Professor
Education: Ph.D in Mathematics
Phone: 011-35302462
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematical Sciences


Title Existence results of weak solution to perturbed Kirchhoff type problems for impulsive differential equations
Type Article
Impulsive effects; Kirchhoff type problems; Weak solution; Critical points theorems
Journal Nonlinear Studies
Researchers Fatemeh Vahedi (First researcher) , Ghasem Alizadeh Afrouzi (Second researcher) , Mohsen Alimohammady (Third researcher)


In this paper, using a variational method and some critical points theorems, we show the existence of at least one weak solution for perturbed impulsive fourth-order Kirchhoff type problems. Indeed, using a consequence of the local minimum theorem due Bonanno we investigate the existence of one nontrivial solution for our problem under algebraic conditions on the nonlinear part. A concrete example of an application is then presented.