March 29, 2023

Mohsen Alimohammady

Degree: Professor
Education: Ph.D in Mathematics
Phone: 011-35302462
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematical Sciences


Title Existence solution for weighted p (x)-Laplacian equation
Type Article
p(x)-biharmonic, variable exponent Lebesgue space, variable exponent Sobolev space.
Journal Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Researchers S R MousavianKatir (First researcher) , Mohsen Alimohammady (Second researcher) , Hossein Jafari (Third researcher)


This paper deals with the existence solution for the following type of boundary value problems: where Ω is a smooth bounded domain inℜN. It is established for a negative , there exists at least one weak solution. Our approach relies on the variable exponent theory of generalized Lebesgue-Sobolev spaces and a variant of the Mountain Pass theorem.