2024 : 7 : 23
mahmood tajbakhsh

mahmood tajbakhsh

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Chemistry
Address: /Faculty of chemistry- University of Mazandaran- Babolsar- Iran
Phone: 09111146981


Application of MEA, TEPA, and Morpholine Grafted NaY Zeolite as CO2 Capture
CO2-TPD; Monoethanolamine; Tetraethylenepentamine; Morpholine; Amine grafted NaY zeolite; CO2 capture; Volumetric method
Journal Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Researchers Heshmatollah Alinezhad ، mohammadreza fakhimi abarghouei ، mahmood tajbakhsh ، lhodabakhsh niknam


In the current research, NaY zeolite with a molar ratio of Si/Al=2.5 was grafted chemically with amines like monoethanolamine, tetraethylenepentamine, and morpholine. The modified NaY zeolites were characterized by XRD, FT-IR, TGA, EDAX, BET, FESEM, CO2-TPD, and Volumetric analysis. Modification of the NaY surface with amine groups led to a remarkable rise in CO2 adsorption capacity. CO2 adsorption studies of NaY and modified NaY zeolite by CO2-TPD technique revealed that, the dominant mechanism involves the interaction of CO2 with amine groups on the surface of NaY zeolite, at ambient pressure and at a temperature of 323 K. The volumetric method was also used to investigate CO2 adsorption onto the amine grafted NaY zeolite at 5, 7 bar pressures and at temperatures of 298 and 343 K. The adsorption process is thermal dependence and results of adsorption studies indicate that increasing temperature leads to higher adsorption of CO2 onto the amine grafted NaY zeolites.