2024 : 5 : 27
Tahereh Azizi

Tahereh Azizi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Science
Phone: 35302480


Tsallis holographic dark energy under complex form of quintessence model
Tsallis holographic model, complex form of quintessence model, stability
Journal Communication of Theoretical Physics
Researchers Jafar Sadeghi ، saeed noori gashti ، Tahereh Azizi


In this paper, we use a Tsallis holographic dark energy model in two forms, interacting and noninteracting cases, to acquire some parameters as the equation of state for the energy density of the Tsallis model in the FRW Universe concerning the complex form of quintessence model. We will study the cosmology of complex quintessence by revamping the potential and investigating the scalar field dynamics. Then we analyze (w - w¢) and stability in two cases, i.e. noninteracting and interacting. We will explore whether these cases describe a real Universe by calculating fractional energy density ΩD and concerning two parts of the quintessence field effect (complex and real part ) by considering the real part of this field to be a slow-roll field. We know that the part in which the fractional energy density (ΩD > 1) does not describe a real Universe. Also, we specified an interacting coupling parameter b2 that depends on the constant parameter of the Tsallis holographic model (δ) with respect to fractional energy density (0.73). Unlike independence between the fractional energy density and interacting coupling in the real quintessence model, we determine a relationship among these parameters in this theory. Finally, by plotting some figures, we specify the features of (w w - ¢) and (ns 2 ) in two cases and compare the result with each other.