2024 : 6 : 23
seyed aliakbar Rabinataj

seyed aliakbar Rabinataj

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Theology and Islamic Sciences
Address: babolsar , univercity of mazandaran ,Theology faculty
Phone: 2698


Theological Foundation of Education
Keywords: education, religion, God, Islam
Researchers seyed aliakbar Rabinataj


The significance and value of learning and education is an evident fact in all cultures and religions. In Holy Devine books such as Holy Quran knowledge and learning is encouraged repeatedly as the major value in human life. But education in religion is based on some particular kind of human understanding. It seems that the current situation in which learning and education is rendering ignores many religious perceptions and is indifferent to religious foundation and principles as we can call such educational system secular system. The aim of this paper is to deal with the religious part of education and it is considered as the undeniable and necessary part of knowledge and learning. The writer attempts to display how Islamic teachings lie down the very basic foundation of learning and education. The main idea in Islam as the basis of learning and education comes in term of spiritual understanding of humanity which is weakened and somehow ignored in current situation.