2024 : 6 : 17
habibollah naderi

habibollah naderi

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Address: university of mazandaran
Phone: 35302632


The Mediating Role of Resilience in the Relationship Between Perceived Parenting Styles and Anger Management
Anger Management, Resilience, Perceived Parenting Styles, Adolescence
Journal international journal of school health
Researchers behzad azarneushan ، habibollah naderi ، aliasghar shojaei ، asghar asgharighanji


Abstract Background: The study of anger is important from many aspects, one of which is the anger management. Objectives: The current study aimed at examining the mediating role of resilience in the relationship between perceived parenting styles and anger management in high school students. Methods: Using randomized cluster sampling, 395 high school students (females and males) from Babolsar city, Iran enrolled in the school for the academic year of 2017 - 2018 were selected as the study participants. The participants’ ages ranged 12 to 16 years (mean = 13.93, SD = 0.81). The perceived parenting style of the participants was determined, using resilience and anger management scales. Data were analyzed by AMOS version 22. In order to evaluate the proposed model of the study, path analysis was performed. Results: The results indicated that the authoritative parenting style was a positive predictor of anger management (P = 0.006, = 0.19) and resilience (P = 0.012, = 0.21). The results also revealed that the authoritarian parenting style was a negative predictor of anger management (P = 0.008, = -.25) and resilience (P = 0.005, = - 0.31). Resilience was a positive predictor of anger management (P = 0.011, = 0.33) and played a mediator role between authoritative and authoritarian parenting styles and anger management. The results showed that the acceptable percentage of anger management variance was explained by the model. Conclusions: Given the results, increase of authoritative parenting style and decrease of authoritarian parenting style are accompanied by strengthened anger management skill in high school students. Therefore, holding workshops for parents can help them to strengthen the management of anger in their children.