2024 : 7 : 23
morteza movaghar

morteza movaghar

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Address: movaghar, Dept. of Business Administration, University of Mazandaran, Iran
Phone: 01135302532


Identifying Effective Indicators In Managing Customer Complaints Using AHP: Crude Oil Industry In Iraq
Customer Complaint Management, Customer Relationship Management, Crude Oil Products
Journal Migration Letters
Researchers Mohammed Hadi Radhi Al-Maryani محمد هادی المریانی ، morteza movaghar ، Bahareh Abedin


Customer complaints serve as a valuable source of market intelligence, enabling companies to address the root causes of problems and improve their products and services. Businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and overall organizational performance byleveraging customer feedback. Accordingly, the purpose of this research was to identify the key factors affecting the management of customer complaints and their prioritization in Iraq's oil industry. The present research is a mixed method in terms of data collection (qualitative-quantitative). First, semi-structured interviews with 8 experts were conducted in the qualitative part. To find themes, qualitative data from reviewing theoretical foundations and interviews with experts were coded and categorizedusing theme analysis. Then, in the quantitative part, the AHP method and Expert Choice software were used to prioritize the factors. For this purpose, the paired comparison questionnaire was distributed among 20 people. The results of the quantitative analysis showed that the factors affecting customer complaints respectively include 5 main-categories of customer-related factors, factors related to product performance, factors affecting personnel, and process-related factors and at last management-related factors.