2024 : 5 : 28

Jafar Sadeghi

Academic rank: Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Science
Phone: 9111125092


Scalar Weak Gravity Conjecture in Super Yang-Mills Inflationary Model
further refining the de sitter swampland conjecture; inflation models; scalar weak gravity conjecture; strong scalar weak gravity conjecture
Journal Universe
Researchers Jafar Sadeghi ، m.r. Alipour ، saeed noori gashti


In this article, we want to check four inflation models, namely, composite NJL inflation (NJLI), Glueball inflation (GI), super Yang–Mills inflation (SYMI), and Orientifold inflation (OI), with two conjectures of the swampland program: scalar weak gravity conjecture (SWGC) and strong scalar weak gravity conjecture (SSWGC) since all these models violate the dS swampland conjecture (DSC) but are compatible with further refining de Sitter swampland conjecture (FRDSSC) through manual adjustment of free parameters of the mentioned conjecture. We want to study the simultaneous compatibility of each model with these two new conjectures. Despite being consistent with (FRDSSC), we find that all models are not compatible with the other conjectures of the Swampland program in all regions, and these conjectures are only satisfied in a specific area. Moreover, due to the presence of constant parameter (φ0) in the higher orders derivatives, the (SYMI) and (OI) among all the models are more compatible with all conjectures of the swampland program. These models can provide a more significant amount of satisfaction with all of them. They can be suitable and accurate inflation models for a more profound examination of universe developments. We determined a particular region for these models is compatible with (FRDSSC), (SWGC), and (SSWGC) simultaneously.