2024 : 7 : 15
Fatemeh Elmi

Fatemeh Elmi

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Marine and Oceanic Sciences
Phone: 01135305124


Structural study of coated wood with superhydrophobic chitosan/silica hybrid nanocomposite in seawater
Wood Silica Chitosan Degradation Seawater
Journal progress in organic coatings
Researchers Mohammad Lazari ، Fatemeh Elmi


Wood is a renewable biomaterial known for its favorable characteristics, including high mechanical resistance, ease of use, and environmental friendliness. However, its application in industries has been limitations due to drawbacks such as moisture absorption, lack of dimensional stability, and susceptibility to damage from ultraviolet rays. In this research, a superhydrophobic chitosan/silica hybrid nanocomposite was applied as a coating on wood. The results of FTIR spectroscopy, XRD, and FESEM confirmed the successful coating on the wood surface. Subsequently, both control and coated woods were subjected to a corrosive seawater environment for six months. The results showed that the coated woods experienced significantly less weathering and erosion compared to the control woods. Furthermore, the FTIR analysis revealed that the cellulose structure of coated wood with chitosan/silica hybrid nanocomposite exhibited 50 % less degradation wood after immersion in seawater compared to the uncoated wood. Also, the results of FESEM and XRD confirmed that the coated wood exhibited much less degradation after immersion in seawater compared to the control wood. These findings demonstrate that the surface modification of wood with chitosan/silica hybrid nanocomposite provides a favorable protective effect against erosive environments, such as seawater.