2024 : 5 : 18
Hamidreza Fallah Lajimi

Hamidreza Fallah Lajimi

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Phone: 09128082330


Sustainable and Resilient Supplier Evaluation in Post COVID-19
Post- COVID-19, Sustainable Supplier, Resilient Supplier, Non-Linear Best-Worst Method.
Researchers Hamidreza Fallah Lajimi ، Sara Valipour Parkouhi ، sahar valipour parkohi


The beginning of the diseases COVID-19 and the epidemic on 2020, had remarkable worldwide consequences. The Prevalence of COVID-19 caused some problems in supply chain (SC) and some negative effects on stainable and resilient suppliers. Thus, it is vital to analyze these concepts after this period. This research sets out to present attributes related to sustainable and resilient suppliers in the post COVID-19 and determines their importance in the Pharmacy industry. In this study, through literature review, 13 attributes for sustainable supplier and 6 attributes for resilient supplier have been obtained. To determine the importance of these attributes in the investigated industry, the BWM method is used, which achieves more reliable results than similar methods. The findings show that in the pharmaceutical industry, the most important sustainability attribute for selecting a supplier in the post COVID-19 is quality, and the less important one in this approach is employee bene-fits and rights. Also, the obtained results show that the most important attribute for selecting a resilient supplier in the post-COVID-19 is risk awareness and the less important attribute is recovery capacity. The findings obtained are useful for managers in the pharmaceutical industry and the health care system to evaluate a supplier in the post COVID-19 with both sustainability and resilient approach.