2024 : 6 : 14
Behzad Eslam Panah

Behzad Eslam Panah

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
ORCID: 0000-0002-1447-3760
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55987589900
Faculty: Science
Address: University of Mazandaran
Phone: 01132302695


Three-dimensional AdS black holes in massive-power-Maxwell theory
dRGT massive gravity, power-Maxwell theory, Three-dimentional black holes, Thermodynamic, Photon orbit
Journal General Relativity and Gravitation
Researchers Behzad Eslam Panah ، Khadije Jafarzade ، Angel Rincon


Recently, it was shown that the power-Maxwell (PM) theory could remove the singularity of the electric field (B. Eslam Panah, Europhys. Lett. 134, 20005 (2021)). Motivated by a great interest in three-dimensional black holes and a surge of success in studying massive gravity from both the cosmological and astrophysical points of view, we investigate three-dimensional black hole solutions in de Rham, Gabadadze, and Tolley massive theory of gravity in the presence of PM electrodynamics. First, we extract exact three-dimensional solutions in this theory of gravity. Then we study the geometrical properties of these solutions. Calculating conserved and thermodynamic quantities, we check the validity of the first law of thermodynamics for these black holes. We also examine the stability of these black holes in the context of the canonical ensemble. We continue calculating this kind of black hole’s optical features, such as the photon orbit radius, the energy emission rate, and the deflection angle. Considering these optical quantities, finally, we analyze the effective role of the parameters of models on them.