2024 : 6 : 14
Behzad Eslam Panah

Behzad Eslam Panah

Academic rank: Assistant Professor
ORCID: 0000-0002-1447-3760
Education: PhD.
ScopusId: 55987589900
Faculty: Science
Address: University of Mazandaran
Phone: 01132302695


Geometrical thermodynamics and P-V criticality of charged accelerating AdS black holes
Geometrical thermodynamic, Accelerating black holes, Extended phase space, van der Waals like phase transition
Researchers Khadije Jafarzade ، Jafar Sadeghi ، Behzad Eslam Panah ، Seyed Hossein Hendi


The unusual asymptotic structure of the accelerating black holes led to ambiguity in their geometric characteristics and thermodynamic behavior. Motivated by the interesting properties of such black holes and the significant role of electric charge and string tension on their structure, we study the thermodynamic behavior of these black holes by two methods and examine the changes of free parameters on the thermal behavior of the black holes. First, we investigate phase transition and thermal stability of the system through the use of heat capacity in the non-extended phase space. We examine the effects of electric charge, string tension and the cosmological constant on the phase transition and stability of the system. We also find that to have a phase transition, we have to apply some constraints on the free parameters. Then, we employ the geometrical thermodynamic (GT) method to study phase transition and compare the obtained results with those of the heat capacity. Next, we work in the extended phase space by considering the cosmological constant as a dynamical pressure and evaluate the existence of van der Waals like phase transition. We obtain critical quantities and study the effective role of electric charge and string tension on these quantities. Finally, we make use of the GT method in the extended phase space and find that the results of the GT method, heat capacity and P −V diagram lead to a consistent conclusion.