2024 : 5 : 25
Alireza Safarzade

Alireza Safarzade

Academic rank: Associate Professor
Education: PhD.
Faculty: Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
Phone: 0113532214


Effect of Resistance Training on Adipose Tissue and Serum METRNL Levels in Sucrose Solution Fed Rats
Insulin Resistance, Resistance Training, Adipokines, Adipose Tissue
Journal Thrita
Researchers hodayse Abdi zeyari ، Alireza Safarzade


Background: Meteorin-like protein (METRNL) is a novel adipomyokine that may improve glucose tolerance, and its circulating levels are affected by changes in body weight. Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the effects of eight weeks of resistance training (RT) and high sucrose consumption on serum and adipose tissue METRNL levels in male rats. Methods: In this study, 32 Wistar male rats were divided into normal diet and high sucrose diet groups. After 4 weeks, each group was divided into control and training groups. The rats in the training group were subjected to the RT program (3 days/week, for 8 weeks). In addition to serum and adipose tissue levels of METRNL, we measured epididymal and mesenteric fat mass, serum glucose, insulin, and homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance (HOMA-IR). Results: high sucrose diet increased fat weights and serum levels of glucose, insulin, and IR index; nevertheless, it reduced the serum levels of METRNL. RT decreased serum insulin concentrations and HOMA-IR. The result of two-way ANOVA and the t-test showed that eight weeks of RT decreased serum levels of METRNL, insulin, and HOMA-IR in sugar solution-fed rats. Conclusions: The results suggest that RT may be an effective intervention to reduce serum METRNL and HOMA-IR levels, which is associated with improving body composition.