June 6, 2023

Alireza Khesali

Degree: Professor
Address: Department of Physics, Faculty of Basic Sciences,University of Mazandaran
Education: Ph.D in َAstrophysics
Phone: 35343085
Faculty: Faculty of Science


Title The thermo magnetic instability in hot viscose plasmas
Type Article
Viscosity, Self gravity , Accretion disks
DOI 10.1007/s10509-017-3174-0
Researchers َAhad Haghani (First researcher) , Azar Khosravi salahedinkola (Second researcher) , Alireza Khesali (Third researcher)


Magnetic Rotational Instability (MRI) can not performed well in accretion disks with strong magnetic field. Studies have indicated a new type of instability called thermomagnetic instability (TMI) in systems where Nernst coefficient and gradient temperature were considered. Nernst coefficient would appear if Boltzman equation could be expanded through ωBe (cyclotron frequency). However, the growth rate of this instability was two magnitude orders below MRI growth (Ωk), which could not act the same as MRI. Therefor, a higher growth rate of unstable modes was needed. In this paper, rotating viscid hot plasma with strong magnetic filed was studied. Firstly, a constant alpha viscosity was studied and then a temperature sensitive viscosity. The results showed that the temperature sensitive viscosity would be able to increase the growth rate of TMI modes significantly, hence capable of acting similar to MRI.