June 10, 2023
Doost Ali Mojdeh

Doost Ali Mojdeh

Degree: Professor
Address: Department of Mathematics, University of Mazandaran, Babolsar, Iran
Education: Ph.D in Mathematics (Graph Theory and Combinatorics)
Phone: 011-35302448
Faculty: Faculty of Mathematical Sciences


Title Nordhaus-Gaddum type inequalities for multiple domination and packing parameters in graphs
Type Article
k-domination number, Nordhaus{Gaddum inequality, open packing number, packing number, total domination number.
Journal Contributions to Discrete Mathematics
DOI DOI: https://doi.org/10.11575/cdm.v15i1.62630
Researchers Doost Ali Mojdeh (First researcher) , Babak Samadi (Second researcher) , Lutz Volkmann (Third researcher)


We study the Nordhaus-Gaddum type results for (k−1,k,j) and k-domination numbers of a graph G and investigate these bounds for the k-limited packing and k-total limited packing numbers in graphs with emphasis on the case k=1. In the special case (k−1,k,j)=(1,2,0), we give an upper bound on dd(G)+dd(¯¯¯¯G) stronger than the bound presented by Harary and Haynes (1996). Moreover, we establish upper bounds on the sum and product of packing and open packing numbers and characterize all graphs attaining these bounds.