May 28, 2023
Hamed Salimi-Kenari

Hamed Salimi-Kenari

Degree: Assistant professor
Education: Ph.D in Polymer Engineering
Phone: 01135305105
Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Evaluation the Effect of the Solution Concentration and Molecular Weight on the Properties of the Dextran Nanocomposite Hydrogels
Type Presentation
Hydrogel-Dextran-composite-Solution Concentration-Molecular weight.
Researchers Forough Hasasni (First researcher) , Hamed Salimi-Kenari (Second researcher) , hamidreza Ghafouri Taleghani (Third researcher) , Parisa Nikpour (Fourth researcher)


In this study, nanocomposite hydrogels comprising of dextran and sol-gel derived bioactive glass (BG) nanoparticles were prepared by chemical cross-linking reaction. The effect of the formulation parameters such as dextran molecular weight and concentration of dextran and BG were evaluated on the physicochemical properties of the fabricated nanocomposite hydrogels. The FESEM observations of freeze-dried hydrogels confirmed the 3D-porous structures of the nanocomposite. The increase of dextran concentration (from 25 to 37.5 w/v %) changed the pores homogeneity while changing of the dextran molecular eight (from 40 to 70 kDa) had no obvious effects on the pores morphology. The addition of the BG particles into dextran hydrogel resulted in the pore walls roughness. Furthermore, by increasing the dextran solution (from 25 to 37.5 (w/v %)) ESR% of the dextran hydrogels and composites decreased in the same trend.