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Evaluation of sporting goods foreign trade in the 5th development plan of Iran
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gross domestic product, sport industry, foreign trade of sporting goods
According to the importance of foreign sporting goods trade in economic developing and the lack of clarity in its share in the sports industry in Iran, the researcher decided to collect data on foreign trade statistics for sports goods in 2011-2015 according to the category of goods to achieve this is essential. The data of this research were firstly determined by descriptive statistics and preliminary study. Then, by using the one-way test, using Z scores at 0.05 level. Foreign trade in sporting goods was investigated in two parts: import and export. In 2011, imports of $114.93 million worth of sports accounted for nearly 0.14 percent of total import and 0.019 percent of the country's gross domestic product. Sports import of $15.85 million in 2015 amounted to 0.15% of total imports and 0.02% of GDP. The country's import of sports in the year 2015 has been negative compared to the 2011. Sports exports of $4.63 million in 2011, close to 0.003% of total exports, 0.013% of non-oil exports and 0.77% of GDP. While the share of sports exports in 2015 with a negative growth of $2.95 million, 0.004% of total exports, 0.008% of non-oil exports and 0.0007% of GDP. The amount of Iran international exchanging rather than other advanced country is so low that the most important reason of this lack is small sporting goods market And the sports expenses of the household, the lack of quality goods for sports, the lack of adequate advertising and marketing, economic sanctions, and the rise in the price of goods and inequality of the country's currency compared to other countries.
Researchers Farnaz Fakhri (First researcher) , sayed mohammad hossein razavi (Second researcher) , Fariba Askarian (Third researcher) , Farzam Farzan (Fourth researcher)