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The role of the organizational climate in the process innovation at sport organizations (Some evidence from the Sports and Youth Departments of Mazandaran Province)
Type Article
Organizational Climate, Process Innovation, Openness to Innovation
In the world today, given the high cost expensed in the sports context at most countries, there is a need for innovation in the work process, and consequently, for attention to the drivers of the innovation at the organization in order to gain more competitive advantages. This paper studies the effect of the organizational climate in seven dimensions, including solidarity, independence, challenges, resources, openness to the innovation, encouragement, and supervising and managing the process of the innovation. The statistical population of this study was the whole staff of the Sports and Youth departments of Mazandaran Province, and to do this, the organizational climate questionnaire adapted from Amabile (1996) and the innovation assessment questionnaire adapted from Crespell and Hansen (2007), have been used. Assumptions of the study were tested using the SMART PLS software. The results identify that the organizational climate affects the process innovation at the Sports and Youth departments of Mazandaran Province. The solidarity, independence, existence of the sufficient resources, challenging works, supervision and encouraging system, have a positive impact on the process innovation, but the openness to the innovation dimension has a negative impact on the process innovation at the Sports and Youth departments of Mazandaran Province
Researchers Azim Salahi Kojour (First researcher) , sayed mohammad hossein razavi (Second researcher) , Mohammad Javad Taghipouryan (Third researcher)